Reinforced Top-Cap, A New Security Concept

The inappropriate manipulation of a bottle cap and/or stopper is not a problem anymore thanks to our TOP-CAP.

The security TOP-CAP has been created in order to guarantee the quality and conservation of the product. It has a stainless steel disc that adjusts perfectly to the mouth of the bottle and prevents the stopper from being perforated in any way before the cap is clearly broken.


  • Applicable to all kinds and sizes of bottles.
  • Suitable for all kinds of beverages.
  • Customisable up to 7 colours.
  • Suitable for any kind of finish (metallic, gloss, matt, etc.).
  • Adapted to all of the usual cutting systems.

A quality, price-competitive solution which is a synonym for security, exclusivity and guarantee.

More info

1.- HEAD: made of aluminium. It can be intaglio printed in up to 3 colours. It can also be thermographically printed.

2.- SECURITY DISC: made of stainless steel. It provides a solid and completely even support to the head, preventing it from sinking or deforming.

3.- BELLY: Complex (aluminium/PE/ aluminium), in PVC or PET (eco-friendly). All of them can be intaglio printed in up to 4 colours and thermographically printed in 3 colours.