The cap you don’t see, but you notice.

The bottle ‘flange’, or Californian style bottle, is becoming more and more popular for users. Until now, the only closing systems available for this type of bottle were made of wax or were just a disc on the stopper. Both present the problem of accumulated dust or dirtiness, as well as making it more difficult to uncork.

The Canals S-CAP completely solves this problem: it is not seen, but noticed. Just what the user wants and much more: it is a guarantee of inviolability of the contents.
The aluminium head of the S-CAP is integrated on a stainless steel disc (exclusive TOP CAP by CANALS), which adjusts perfectly in all bottle designs, preventing the stopper from being perforated without damaging the cap in an obvious way.

For the bottler, the only requirement is an easy adaptation of the dispensing machine. For the user, the opening is really simple, clean and safe, identical to the usual caps.

More info

1 HEAD: made of aluminium, printable up to 3 colours.

2 SECURITY DISC: made of stainless steel.
It provides a solid and completely even support to the head, preventing it from sinking or deforming.

3 BELLY: in PVC or PET (eco-friendly).
Different sizes, depending on the type of bottle. Colourless transparent or coloured in the same shade of the bottle glass.